Our People

The team at ChangeAbility are experienced and skilled at helping people create positive change to their lives.

Jeremy Logan

Post Grad Counselling, Member NZAC
Post Grad Dip in Not for Profit Mgt

Jeremy has worked as a manager, counsellor and facilitator for the agency over 20 years. He has also served as Chair on the Board for the National Network of Stopping Violence. When he’s not working at ChangeAbility, Jeremy also has a small private counselling practice and teaches mindfulness and meditation throughout New Zealand.

Liat Gush

Office Manager
Bachelor of Commerce & Administration
Retired Chartered Accountant
Post Grad Dip in Not for Profit Mgt

Liat has worked with the agency for over ten years as part of the management team. She is the coordinator of Mates & Dates in Wairarapa and coordinates the Family Violence Interagency Response.

Kay Wilton

Clinical Leader
Diploma in Counselling 2000, Member NZAC

Kay has worked with the agency for over 20 years. She plays a key role in supporting and engaging families to become safer and more respectful. Kay provides family violence community training and in-house supervision and also works with clients individually and in groups.

Ang Turipa

Administrative Coordinator

Ang has worked with the agency for five years in total. Before that, she worked in Youth Justice with Child Youth and Family. Ang is responsible for the day-to-day running of our counselling service as well as “Changing Attitudes”, our community initiative.

Kath Williams

Diploma in Counselling, Member NZAC

With 10 years’ counselling experience, Kath primarily works with victims of violence. She also works in general counselling and is currently focusing on Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy to further assist people with life’s struggles.

Paul Williams


Paul delivers programmes to men and youth. He is a facilitator of the ACC ‘Mates n Dates’ programme and also works in schools to help promote respectful ways of behaving and communicating.

Briar Scragg

Bachelor of Counselling, Member NZAC

Briar is currently on maternity leave and will be returning to work for us in 2019. She has eight years counselling experience and a particular interest in working with women, young people and families. She works together with her clients to help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how problems have impacted their lives. Briar says she has seen time and time again how creative strategies can bring about growth and healing for people.

Kathy Stuart

PhD (Sociology), BA (Psychology & Sociology)
Diploma of Psycho-synthesis Counselling
MPaNZA, Provisional Member NZAC,
Student Member NZAP

As a Psycho-synthesis counsellor who is close to completing her psychotherapy training, Kathy recognises the impact life’s circumstances can have on a person and that a person can be more than the sum of what has happened to them. She works with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, grief, and relationships at work and home.

Tineke Verbeek

Diploma Counselling. Provisional member NZAC

Tineke believes that people are experts on themselves and works in a collaborative and open-minded way. She places people’s values and strengths at the core of their conversation, with the aim of helping people come to terms with their issues and providing them an opportunity to make changes in their lives.

Jenny McCallum

Master of Arts (Psychology), Member DAPAANZ. Post Grad Diploma in Counselling, Student Affiliate NZAC

Jenny operates within a pluralistic framework and believes in tailoring therapy to the individual. She emphasises shared decision making, collaboration, and negotiation within the client-counsellor relationship. Jenny has worked with adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing a range of challenges including addiction, mental health concerns and relationship difficulties. She is passionate about supporting people to create positive and lasting change in their lives. Jenny will complete a Master of Counselling Studies in 2018.

Hayley Wilton

Social Woker
Bachelor in Social Work. Member SWRB

Hayley has worked as a social worker and facilitator for the agency for over 2 years, previously working within the mental health field for young people. Hayley takes a strength based approach to working with clients and a holistic view to their welbeing. Hayley’s passion is people and ensuring social justice is upheld.

Alec Aiken

Student Counsellor

Alec is a student counsellor undergoing his final year of study in a Bachelor’s Degree of Counselling at WelTec Institute of Technology. He comes to counselling with a background in youth work working with School’s Out in Wellington. Alec is also a facilitator of the ACC ‘Mates n Dates’ programme which aims to promote healthy relationships among young people.