At ChangeAbility we believe that change is possible for everyone. The people in the stories below have all overcome significant challenges to create real change in their lives.

Janine’s story – “changing everything”

Trapped in an abusive relationship, Janine* made the call to ChangeAbility. It’s a decision she’ll never regret: the decision that changed everything for her and her children.
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Shane’s story – “violence isn’t my whakapapa anymore”

Shane* broke the cycle of violence and anger by attending a Men’s Stopping Violence group programme. He credits it with saving his life – and probably someone else’s too.
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Karyn’s story – “living without fear is changing my life”

Karyn’s* life has transformed since she came to see us. It hasn’t been easy, but she has created a safer, more peaceful life for herself and her children.
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* Names have been changed to protect identities.

“Just recently I think my nervous system has finally changed. The worry and fear, the default pattern of anxiety, it’s not the same. The potential to live without fear is changing my life. What’s allowed this change? I’ve removed myself from the harm of living with my ex-husband and I’ve been taught new skills by the team at ChangeAbility.”